Wax On !!!

How To Wax Your Skis from Tourism Whistler on Vimeo.

First time using CHOCOWAX?

Not to worry! Here’s a little guide to help you through the waxing process!
Some will find that Chocowax has a bit of “Gunkey-ness” to it compared to synthetic or oil chemical waxes. This is actually what makes our wax perform at top level…Ironic isn’t it? a sticky wax that doesnt stick to snow! That’s exactly it! We’ve loaded our wax bricks with negatively charged ions which create a opposing lift against the same negatively charged particles(snowflakes)in the snow..Yep, where other wax brands are trying to minimalize friction, chocowax is designed to hover over the snow like those “Hover-Boards” in BAck to the Future…lol ( we’ll not to that extent!)..All kidding aside, if you follow the steps below, you will have a perfectly prepp-ed board/skis in no time!

Step One: Wax On!
Make sure your board/skis are back to room temperature! Clean and Dry your board/skis so that its’ base material is ready to soak up the wax! 

Using the Chocowax Iron ( or any other “non-holed” iron at low setting) Melt your chocowax brick so that it creates a continuous snake from edge to edge from the front of the skis/board to the back .
After leaving a trail of wax on the base, your ready to iron from side to side so that the wax melts evenly into the base material. Once you have melted the wax , go over it again at moderate speed so that this time, the wax is pushed into the base more…whatever you do, DONT STOP IN ONE SPOT, or Leave the iron  faced  down on the base!

Step two:  Scrape Well. (use a sharp scraper)

2-5 minutes after hot waxing your board/skis. Grab a scraper… Hold your wax scraper in a 45degree angle and tilt it so that it is cutting the wax off the base(see example 1). Continue scraping off the wax down the board/skis from tip to tail. Chop off any globs of wax that your iron left behind, the better you scrape, the easier it is for you to polish..If you get globs of wax on your scraper , use your ski or boards’ edges to scrape wax off the scraper.



Trouble Shooting: if you start to scrape and the wax is flaking off, or comes completely off leaving the base dry… this means that you have left the wax on the base too long..if you wait to scrape after your hot wax over 10 minutes, or if you storage waxed over the summer, you will have to re-heat the wax into the pores of your base and scrape within 2-5 minutes of waxing… no problems!

 Step three: Brushing and/or Scrubby-ing, Polishing.

Now use your hard brush or Kitchen Scrubby (scotchbrite) to polish the wax making little grooves for little water droplets to escape down the board and toward the to the sides.use long strokes going from the tip to the tail. (see example 2) CORKINGTECHNext, use a softer brush to make cross hatch patterns in 45 degree angle down the base.(see example 3)


Lastly use a waxing cork, polish the wax while firmly pressing down on the surface of the base… once you see a luster, you are finished!!!   Finito!