Q.  Can you eat Chocowax?

A. No , although Chocowax is Non-toxic and actually food grade. We dont recommend eating Chocowax simply because it is wax!  (That being said, You may have seen us eat chocowax at trade shows , product demos and ski tests to show people that it truly is non-toxic but it is tastless and pretty foul going down..lol not gonna lie.)

Q.Why Does Chocowax have a slightly “sticky” (“gunkey”) texture?

A. We use Natural/Organic Waxes that contain bio-esthers and binding agents that are used to adhere the wax to your base. These waxes were chosen because they also emit a Minus-ion charge.

This is actually what makes our wax perform at top level…Ironic isn’t it? a sticky wax that doesnt stick to snow! That’s exactly it! We’ve loaded our wax bricks with negatively charged ions which create a opposing lift against the same negatively charged particles(snowflakes)in the snow..Yep, where other wax brands are trying to minimalize friction, chocowax is designed to hover over the snow like those “Hover-Boards” in BAck to the Future…lol ( we’ll not to that extent!)..All kidding aside, if you follow the steps in the “how-to” section, you will have a perfectly prepp-ed board/skis ready to zoom down the slopes.

Q. We are looking to buy Chocowax in bulk for our Snowboard Club

A. Yes we have a wholesale buy program for University Ski & Snowboard Clubs, Race teams, and for retail stores. We do not sell wholesale to private unsanctioned teams or clubs at this time. Our bulk boxes contain 10/bars each.

please log in using our wholesale portal here.

Q. Is chocowax packaging Eco-friendly too?

A. Yes it is! not only is chocowax packaging eco-friendly by being printed on recycled paper, it is also wrapped using Kosher recycled aluminum wraps! Even our 10pc bulk un-printed boxes are made with recycled cardboard! No plastic! no-containers to throw out!

Q. Do i leave lots of wax on the bases? Do I really need to scrape?

A. You should definitely scrape the wax off the bases, what is actually giving you the fastest ride is  not the wax on top of the base . It is the wax that  has bonded within the pores of your base that are working to your advantage. If you leave lots of wax on , there will be no way for water droplets to escape, and you may find yourself being “suction-cupped” to the slope…so scrape, scrape, scrape!

Q. Are any of the Chocowax bars Rub-On?

A. Yes, all the wax bars are able to be used as a “rub on” wax. In Fact, they work super good just crayoning it onto your bases… It works the best if you polish it after with a leather glove, scrubby, or cloth!…. Break a brick off and keep it in your Ski/Board Jacket!

Q. How long does 1 Bar of Chocowax Last?

A. 1 Season!…150gms of wax will let you wax a board 10 times easy. It will let you wax a pair of skis 10-15 times. So if you wax once a week, your good to get a 70-80 days/bar.