Other Waxes

What’s in regular Ski & Snowboard wax?

  • Perfluorocarbons
*PFCs are extremely potent greenhouse gases, and they are a long-term problem with a lifetime up to 50,000 years.
  • Teflon & Flouro Carbons
**Polymer fume fever or fluoropolymer fever, also informally called Teflon flu, is an inhalation fever caused by the fumes released when Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE, known under the trade name Teflon) is heated to between 300 °C and 450 °C.
  • Carcinogens(cancer causing) & Toxic substances

Carcinogens are toxic substances which can cause cancer and contribute to un-natural cell deaths in humans, animals and plants.

  • Chlorines, Solvents, Chemical Pollutants
***General health hazards associated with solvent exposure include toxicity to the nervous system, reproductive damage, liver and kidney damage, respiratory impairment, cancer, and dermatitis.

In 2010, we are living in a world where we have the alternatives, yet, whether from traditional or programmed consumerism we are naturally “comfort buying” the products which may not be so good for us or the environment. The fact that you are reading this goes to show that you are taking the next step, gaining knowledge about the day to day products you are using and the responsibilities we have toward Earth….and we commend you!

The 2010 SIA (SnowSports Industry of America) Participation Study estimated 20.5 million snow sports enthusiasts each season in the USA alone.  Every run on any given day, every season.  We…skiers and snowboarders in the multi-millions world wide,  leave a trail of wax debris from skis and snowboards which get scraped off of our equipment and wait  patiently to be composted by the course of nature. The problem is, most often than not, we are using the standard waxes that contain many harmful ingredients which cannot be broken down. These in turn remain in their full toxic potency and flow into our natural habitats, our water sources (our drinking water), and affect the animals that we live among. We wonder why glaciers are melting, why animals and plants are becoming extinct, and why global warming is taking effect on our mountains…Coating the mountains with these substances is like putting a huge plastic bag over the mountains. It is no wonder these things are happening. Also dont forget, the fumes we breath in when we simply wax our skis or snowboards is hazardous too!

We are able to change the way we live, so why dont we?.. With Chocowax, the ultimate goal isn’t to invade the snowsports with a new “Fad” product, and we aren’t here to make enemies….We are striving to be the Lifestyle based product option… We are proud to be amongst many other companies whom enable a choice to the consumer. If major wax companies would make the change, or at least add Eco-alternatives to their product line for their customers,  this would be a huge positive change!

Yosuke Henry Hamazaki – Founder


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What makes Chocowax different?

How it started…

” In 1989 we opened up a little family run ski shop in the Whistler Village catering to clients with retail, equipment rental and tune-up services called Whistler Gifts & Sports(Now TMC FREERIDERZ). Our shop was getting smoky and it was hurting our throats day in and day out.  We asked ourselves if it was just cold season(because of the lack of information about wax) or if it was the wax fumes. It was the wax! So with careful studying and customer feedback we conjured up a universal wax that clients and ourselves would enjoy up on the slopes. In 2003, we added our “chocolate scent” and the rest was history!…to this day, we are always welcoming new eco-friendly products to the blend, and we value each and every riders’ valued feedback. So if you find new eco-Alternatives….we’re all ears! Let’s work together to make a change”

- Yosuke Henry Hamazaki / Founder / Rider