napkin notes…

— written into a little napkin when the idea of chocowax came along. These were the basic goals of chocowax “—–


An Eco-Wax for ski and snowboard researched & developed in Whistler B.C.Canada using earth materials to boost freeride performance and enjoyment in the mountains.

Long Term Goal:

Creating an ecologically sound alternative to Flouro-carbon and wax consisting of toxic substances, while providing snow sports enthusiasts with the velocity & speed of high performance race wax.
Increasing user’s awareness of the factors that affect speed, and educating the snow sports industry about the benefits of changing to a “eco-wax” alternative. We hope Chocowax’s attractive scent helps spark interest and act as a catalyst in uniting and more over producing an eco-aware snow riding public.

Currently there is an global industry for (Standard Chemical/Synthetic) Waxes which holds around a 98% share of users. Our dream is to have this percentage decrease in the next 5 years, while increasing the current “Eco-friendly” wax user’s(2%) percentage.”