Minus Ion Blend

Chocowax MINUS-ION BLEND works on a simple principal of physics using all natural (found in nature) resources. Negatives(-) repel each other. Since the wax molecules in the minus ion blend are negatively charged, the snow particles and snowflakes which too are negatively charged oppose each other giving you a lift so that friction cannot occur. The faster you go, the more lift and maximum velocity you will get!  Each 155gm bar contains a blend of all natural and Microcrystalline wax which is a new non-toxic alternative to Parrafin, flouro, and teflon used in standard waxes. Our rider’s say that this wax is as fast, if not, faster than race waxes on warmer days!

  • Natural & eco-Microcrystalline wax blend
  • Fully biodegradable, and a renewable resource
  • Contain NO pesticides and NO herbicides.
  • Contain NO toxic materials.
  • Optimum 5 to -10 degrees Celsius

MSRP: $24.99 CDN   150.0 grams  
—–SOLD OUT! ——-



Scrape & Cork well for ultimate performance & longevity!!!