Freez Steez (-20)

FREEZ STEEZ Hypersonic Wax is intended for those ultra cold days. It’s hard characteristic yet super absorbent properties inhibit bondage of Moisture-less snow particles to the base of your skis/snowboard. Culminating with an ultra fast ride, and a hell of a good time! Bars are 150gm and you will get tons of riding with each bar. Use with BaseLok base wax for consitancy and prolonged penetration into your base. Freez Steez uses Microcrystalline wax and other hardeners to stiffen the wax for drier snow conditions. One of the most eco-friendly waxes out there for these dryer conditions yet super fast for ultra glide and anti-friction..

  • 100% biodegradeable / 100% non-toxic
  • 80% Natural  ingredients, 20% Synthetic non-toxic additives & Microcrystalline wax
  • Contains eco-friendly ingredients blended with synthetic hardeners
  • Are NOT subject to animal testing.
  • Optimum -10 to -25 degrees Celsius

MSRP: $24.99 cdn      150.0 grams  
 -—–SOLD OUT ——-


Scrape & Cork well for ultimate performance & longevity!!!