Chocowax – Graphite Blend

Chocowax Black Turbo Graphite Blend excels when used on Black Bases. Enables those black race bases to attack the slopes, igniting their full potential. Graphite has been used in waxes for decades, but with the combination of graphite with our Minus-Ion Blend wax we have produced a super speed wax that cuts friction and acts as an anti-static layer from the surface of the snow. As snow is negatively charged and friction causes a”static-electrical charge” , Turbo Graphite diffuses the positive electrical charge produced when riding. Each 150gm will last for 10-20 applications, and works best when combined with BaseLok preparation base wax! This is the wax that North American Grand prix champion  Eddie Hicks uses in his winning competitions! ….read more.

  • Natural & eco-Microcrystalline wax blend / Graphite particles (lead-free)
  • Pure graphite (lead-free, elemental graphite)
  • fully biodegradable, and a renewable resource
  • Contain NO pesticides and NO herbicides.
  • Contain NO toxic materials. Pure Graphite is a non -toxic element.
  • Are NOT subject to animal testing.
  • Optimum 5 to -10 degrees Celsius

MSRP: $24.99 cdn      150.0 grams  
 —–SOLD OUT ——-



Scrape & Cork well for ultimate performance & longevity!!!