BaseLok is an unscented base preparation layer that penetrates deep into the pores of your sintered or extruded base and locks itself there so that adhesion of any of our chocowax products can last for a longer time on the slopes. A whopping 250grams, BASELOK can also be used as a storage wax to inhibit rust or unwanted oxidation to occur during those long summer months. It keeps your board(s) “moist” and keeps them from drying out too!  Just wax into your board(s) base and scrape off the excess, now your ready to wax on any of our other waxes on top… now you got 2-3x longer lasting rides between waxes!!!

  • Natural ingredients blended with Microcrystalline wax and other bonding agents.
  • 50% natural / 50% synthetic
  • BaseLok is a base coat/base protector/and wax prolonger
  • Are NOT subject to animal testing.

MSRP: $24.99      150.0 grams  
—–SOLD OUT ——-



Scrape & Cork well for ultimate performance & longevity!!!