2 New Authorized Chocowax Dealers

dealerChocowax is proud to add our 2 newest shops to our Authorized Dealer Program, Garage 902 the best freeride shop in Hakuba, Nagano, Japan..  and also, Rumor board shop in Edmonton Alberta, Canada! Thanks for joining our Chocowax Dealer Team!


Chocowax Featured On WHISTLER.com “Wax on – Wax off!”

How To Wax Your Skis from Tourism Whistler on Vimeo.

What sets Chocowax apart from the rest…

The things that set products apart from the rest are Unique Selling Propositions (USP).  Chocowax was not only designed and tested to perform better then other waxes, it was designed to perform differently than others. First and foremost, Chocowax is the only ski & snowboard wax that enhances glide using ” float” enabled by minus-ion properties in our ingredients….hold up..sound far fetched? It is scientifically proven that Snow Particles are negatively charged , and it doesnt take a scientist to know that negative and negative oppose magnetically. Although the “Back to the Future- HoverBoard™”are still in the distant future..Chocowax has been conjuring up some futuristic wax.

All these years, Wax companies have been trying to minimalize friction. Chocowax was created to think outside the box, we want to eliminate it!what makes Chocowax unique?



CHOCOWAX featured on Mountainlifemag.ca

Thanks you to mountain life magazine Whistler’s premier outdoor lifestyle magazine,  for a feature article on our wax.. They asked so we delivered the answers…

Chocowax MinusION Blend, FastaRasta, Graphite now in stock!!!

Chocowax Rider Eddie Hicks in Argentina!

Chocowax rider Eddie Hicks is on his way down to Argentina for a Mogul Training camp with the Canadian Freestyle ski team. Being an A-team member doesnt come easy, off season training in the southern hemisphere invigourates the physical and mental strength needed to excel in the winter. We hope Eddie has some great days on and off the mountain in Argentina! Lucky Guy!!!

Eddie Hicks – chocowax rider/ NOr-Am Grand Prix Champion

We would like to take the time to thank Eddie for his write-up on his website eddiehicks.com . He is a top contender for the the 2014 Olympics in Russia! Eddie uses the Graphite blend chocowax for his competitions, and as you can see, he is side by side on his dual run against the “fastest Mogul skier in the World” : Guilbaut Colas (World Cup Champion).. .. Dont take our word from hit please hit up his website! http://www.eddiehicks.com/chocowax-environmentally-friendly-wax-products/

Oakley White-Allen Soaring to 2nd Place at Swatch Cup Freeride World championship!

Oakley-White Allen Sweeping up another Podium Finish at The Swatch World Freeride Tour at Revelstoke B.C…. Oakley has what it takes to stay on top with his innovative riding and his unique skiing style…Proud of you homey!

Jordan Clarke Rippin the Alpine !

Some West Coast POV from jordan Clarke on Vimeo.

September in Whistler!

Yep, September has hit in this quaint little town of Whistler B.C. Colors are changing and the smell of autumn is in the air, and above all, us skiers & snowboarders are getting that much closer to our beloved winter. Soon another glorious snow season will arrive and bring us another euphoric adventure.  Chocowax is now setting up shop and getting ready to meet our Europe and North American orders strong. Our goal for this season is simple though, its to spread the roots of Chocowax to our first time users and win the approval of our customers. It isn’t easy to formulate a winning Eco-firendly wax product especially at a North American and International Competition level but the success of our riders and friends are proving to us and the industry that it is possible. Chocowax is continually fine tuning the product to exceed expectations and performance level of the average Ski & snowboard wax…Thank you in advance for trying our products out!